There’s not enough green in my life

Many things have changed for me over the years. For years, plants and things around me meant mess, obligation, and reminds me of many things about my childhood I don’t enjoy or particularly want to think about. For some reason, lately, (and it’s a recurrent theme, or else I’d not have noticed it) I am starting to think more and more about how I miss having plants near me inside of my dwelling. I think I know though, quickly, which makes this story much shorter.

For many years, where I lived, there was wildness nearby. Whether I owned the house, was living in a place where there was intentional landscaping or it was a place where things grew wild enough that I never noticed this need. For a few years I lived in places I didn’t that I didn’t connect with and I had noting outside there to connect to and I had gotten used ot feeding that need by frequent park visits and occasional trips to work in the woods at Midian.

When I lived on Old Glory, I had a wild expanse that started at my back yard’s edge and I could look out from the second floor and I could listen to life, see it at all of its stages and  feel it when I went out into it. One of the cool things about staying at Torcyr and Polli’s (just one of the bonuses to he and Polli’s immense generosity) is the way it’s sits on woods next to a creek and you are in nature as soon as you walk out the door. It’s wonderful to the soul.

However, as I sit here on the coldest day (we hit -2 this morning) in almost a year, I miss green around me that I am a part of. All these years of being surrounded by wild things tht I barely kept in check or kind of intentionally let grow wild aren’t there nd I miss them. So, I’m going to do a little something about it. I’m going to end up in a greenhouse at some point today and I’m going to get myself a few indoor plants because I need to feed and live in the wild. It’s been years since I intentionally grew something and that turned out well. I had a 3 foot tall Aloe that it took a lot of very serious neglect to kill and I miss that plant to this day.

As I write, I also catch a hint of something deep that I’d not realized until the construction of these sentences. A flash told me there was a piece of the drive in me to not be like my dad in as many ways as possible. My dad has these plants that are important to him that’s been caring for for years. Complete asshole about them and is a source of one of the ways he’s hurt me (something to explore, maybe later, not getting that deep, todady), but, I think that me moving forward with this will help me start dealing with and healing from the fertilizer my past is full of and do some growing.

I’ll let you know that happens. In the mean time, these are some of the potential magical and energy properties of some of the plants you can grow inside.

Copy and pasted from an amazing blog Raven Rin’s Pagan Nest , the entry Magickal Houseplants

African Violets ~ love

Aloe ~ ward off evil and accidents

Amaryllis ~ hidden love, friendship, platonic love, retirement

Begonia ~ heightened awareness, balance, psychic ability, to send a warning

Cactus ~ strengthens will (when kept in home), increases sexual stamina (when juice is added to love potions

Dumb Cane ~ to keep secrets or stop gossip

Ferns ~ protection

Fig Tree (Ficus) ~ fertility (Unless you are Christian and then the fig tree was “cursed” by Jesus.)

Gardenia ~ psychic awareness, love potions

Ivy ~ protection, guard against disaster

Jasmine ~ psychic powers, seduction, wealth

Orchid ~ power, uniqueness, charisma

Snake Plant (Mother-in-law Plant or Mother-in-law’s Tongue Plant) ~ long life, prosperity, intelligence, beauty, art poetry, health, and strength (good for air purification)

Ti Plant ~ good luck

Wandering Jew ~ protection against curses and negativity

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No one escapes alive

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Have an amazing day!

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Just one thing

Everyone has their own. Help them find that one thing that makes them happy. It’ll help you find yours.

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Broken looking glass

Broken Looking Glass

Heard you’re still wondering where I went
Months prior to poof, may have been better spent
The interest ending nose fence
May have lead to my disappearance

Brand loyalty led me askew
Is just one irony about you
But, at least, no matter the slice
Old glacier, deeply frozen in ice

Before you get up in the air fisted
You’d have to acknowledge I existed
You’re the real target of your rage
You just want attention and a stage

Metamour treatment was not well clad
I heard anyway about stark, raving mad
I helped him remember to stand
Bonded on it’s made of sand

Cut yourself on the looking glass
No matter hair color, still no class
There is madness and it’s cracked
Bad cut and the cards are stacked
Batting those big, pretty, plastic eyes
Emotionally detached abyss in disguise
I pity any and all who’s heart you stole
Tried to pull them down your dervish hole

Living your life as player one
Push A is how you saw everyone
Food, fuel, or a fight
You had no reality delight

All empty slot
Drunken thot
Parade for your tears
Still empty after all these years

Life is not about achievements
That’s empty and full of bereavements
Experience points earned don’t level
It gives life to monotonous drivel

My hopes for you
Are strong and true
I hope you get therapy
I hope it helps you stay away from me


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Freedom to

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Good gift gone bad

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