Not long ago I was tasked by a beloved

To write a poem about being discombobulated

Well, I’m telling you that discombobulated, it did

My brain stopped on top, poetical thoughts got hid

Even to me, my poetry seemed shut down

In creases and valleys my thinking went to town

Occasionally I’d remember and try and focus

Then suddenly my thoughts went hocus pocus

Each line would begin with a letter, to spell

Serendipitously, it was amazing how it fell

Each line a piece of the meaning

Towards simplicity, I’ve never been leaning

This time, my stroke struck true

It was a genius thing to do

Can’t believe the sublimation

Now it’s double discombobulation


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Some days,

I wonder if I might be a modern-day Puck

The comparison is a dream,

certainly not a suck

Running round and rhyming,

not living lame duck

Pulling the world to the dance,

not only watch,

unless you like being cuck.

River floatiest,


your Captain’s name is Huck

All the words of love and lust,


my brain is stuck

Loving is to the Law,

hating is to the yuck

Push on,

embrace engaging the moment,

don’t embrace bed’s tuck

Life is a swamp,

accept, scrape the muck

Brazenly gamble through life’s brambles,

you beautiful buck

Recognize and reply with gratitude,

when you are gifted with luck

One last note before this list is struck


if they will to,

should go fuck


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A little bit of twinkle

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Waiting is

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