Every reading has an expiration date
Nothing is set, it’s not too late
There’s always a way to change possibility
You can always wedge probability

The relief is simple, not deranged
The actions taken now must be changed
The cards aren’t written in stone
A path with no changes is shown

There’s a different side of the coin
Choices decide where or not they join
I don’t mean there’s blind chance
Or automatic romance

Sometimes you have to look
What actions did you mistook
Sometimes it’s a simple fix
Like lighting a candles wick

Change in approach by Alexander
Solved his Gordian gander
Took in hand his destiny
Could say he cut himself free

Before you I bore
I’ll moment to implore
The cards don’t always tell more
Just time, place, and your mind’s current score


About Pan's Dance

I think you should face your fears in an arena of trust and extreme excitement
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